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Client Testimonials

"Finally. All the other plans are about ‘Don’t’. RESTART is about change. Change your palate, change your life. Together we’ve lost fifty pounds. No more pain from inflammation, food bill is down, and the weight keeps coming off." - Jill B.
"Karen is an amazing nutritionist! She has worked with me to solve some health problems, and identified that she thought I was gluten-intolerant. That simple switch of diet got rid of my daily need for Zyrtec, which I had taken for 18 years!!! I highly recommend Karen!" - Marcia Solberg

"I’ve been seeing Karen Davis for digestive issues that I’ve suffered with for years. After only a few sessions with her, I feel so much better, with less bloating, better digestion and I’m finally getting a good night’s sleep. I want to commend her on her ability to helping me look at the way I eat in a new and inspiring way. Instead of giving me generic advice she personalized my plan, has been accessible, knowledgeable and supportive. She is also caring and passionate about her clients, and keeps up with latest nutritional research. I recommend her very highly!" - Bela Friedman
"Very knowledgeable! Willingness to educate while making dietary suggestions and guidance. Offers numerous classes at reasonable rates. Highly recommend." - Dennis Johnson

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