One-on-One Consultations

During our nutrition consultations:

I will examine your health history and assess your physical, mental, and hereditary aspects.

I will check to see if your Foundations of health -

  • Digestion,

  • Blood Sugar,

  • Mineral Balance,

  • Fatty Acid Balance and

  • Hydration

- are functioning properly or need assistance.


During your first consultation:

We will discuss a pre-completed questionnaire along with other pertinent aspects of your health.  Special attention will be paid to any under-functioning organs that may require additional support.

At the end of the consultation

You can expect to receive an explanation of your underlying health concerns, advice about the use of supplements (if indicated), along with general dietary information.


New Patient Visit:

  • 90 minutes - $150


  • 60 minutes - $95


3 months

  • Initial 90 Minute Consultation

  • 6 follow-ups (two 45 minute follow-ups per month)


6 months

  • Initial 90 Minute Consultation

  • 12 follow-ups (two 45 minute follow-ups per month including a Pantry Makeover and Grocery Store Tour)


Karen Davis
Certified Nutrition Specialist ®

Tel: (971) 258-1968

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