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Avocados provide many health benefits

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Health Benefits of Avocados!

I used to avoid eating avocados during my "low-fat" phase, but now I know better. Mother Nature has provided us with an awesome source of great fat and nutrients.

1. Loaded with protein – One avocado contains about 4g of

protein and has 18 important amino acids – all highly

bioavialable meaning they get into your system faster.

2. More potassium than a banana – potassium is important for

kidney health, blood pressure and muscle health.

3. Full of healthy fats – Avocados are about 20% fat, with bulk of

that being monounsaturated. Studies show regular

consumption of avocados can help reduce total blood

cholesterol levels.

4. Avocados are one of the “Clean 15” – With their exterior, they

are protected from pesticides, so if you can’t afford organic,

you can feel OK buying this conventional.

Avocados can be added to salads, eaten alone or used as a butter substitute in recipes. You can even make brownies with them! Make them apart of your everyday diet!

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